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Frequently Asked Questions

There's no membership fee to join our wine club, however you'll be signing on to receive four quarterly portfolios of three or four bottles over the course of a year. Your membership renews automatically.​

Is there a fee to join the Roanoke Vineyards Wine Club?

Wine portfolios are available for pick up after the release date at either of our locations, however, you can arrange to have yours shipped to your door. Shipping charges will apply. Due to the limited space at our Love Lane location you can pick up only the most recent portfolio. 

How do I get my Wine Club portfolio?

The size of our wine club is directly related to our annual production, which is limited by design, however people move, change jobs, or discontinue their memberships for other reasons. Please fill out this form if you are interested in joining. We'd love to have you as a member of the Roanoke Vineyards wine club! 

Why is there a waitlist for the
Wine Club?

Club members receive four wine portfolios annually, with an average price of $100-$125 plus tax and shipping. It's a bit like a subscription to your favorite magazine, and we're happy to ship your portfolio wine to you, but keep in mind someone over 21 will need to sign for your wines, and shipping charges will apply. Most club members choose to pick their portfolios up at the member's tasting room. 

How much will I spend on the Wine Club portfolios?

While we would encourage you to stop by and say hello regularly, we understand that's not always possible, and if you don't get a chance to pick up your portfolio within 180 days of its release, we will ship it to you (shipping charges will apply). Portfolios unclaimed for one year after their release date will be forfeited without a refund.

Is there a deadline for portfolio pickup?

If the weather is too hot, or too cold, your wines could be damaged in transit. We won't ship if the temperature is forecast to be below 32 degrees F, or above 80 degrees F, unless you specify next day FedEx service. Roanoke assumes no responsibility for damages if the weather is inappropriate for shipping. Our shippers will make three delivery attempts before the wine is returned to us. A second shipment to you will require a re-shipping fee.

Strange things can happen, and if your wine is damaged during transit in normal conditions, we will replace it! No questions asked! Contact our office to make arrangements.

Will my wine be shipped in safe conditions?

Members are billed for their quarterly portfolios during the first week of a release (March, June, September, and December). Periodically your credit card will expire, and we'll need the new expiration date. We will attempt to contact you, usually via email, but if there's a delay there is a chance a portfolio-specific wine may no longer be available. We'll do our best to substitute a similar wine that's of equal price. Wines that compose a quarterly wine club portfolio may not be substituted. 

How will I be billed for my quarterly portfolio?

Club members receive 20% discount on wine in the quarterly releases, and every day 10% off any single bottle, 15% off two (2) bottles, 20% off three (3) or more, and 10% off glasses of wine. Keep in mind, your membership and its benefits are not transferable, and please don't be offended if the tasting room staff asks for your I.D. when you pick up a quarterly portfolio.

What discounts will I receive as a Wine Club Member?

Yes. Keep in mind that once you cancel, your wine club benefits and portfolio shipments will end. And we regret that memberships cannot be placed on "pause." If you cancel during a portfolio billing cycle (first week of March, June, September, or December) you will still be billed for that portfolio.

Can I cancel my membership at any point?

Roanoke Vineyard wine club memberships are void where prohibited. The Roanoke Vineyards Incorporated reserves the right to make changes in our wine club argeement and terms at will. Disorderly conduct in the tasting rooms of Roanoke Vineyards, or at events sponsored by Roanoke Vineyards, will cause your membership to be terminated.

Can the Roanoke Membership terms & conditions change?

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