The Annual Futures Offering

Once a year we extend an invitation to our members to participate in our annual futures offering. This is an opportunity to secure your favorite wines, build your cellar, and simply buy Roanoke Vineyards wines at the best possible pricing.


The pandemic has limited onsite barrel tastings, although we do hope to offer them over the 2022/23 winter. We will again offer at-home barrel tasting kits, featuring 750ML barrel samples of your favorite wines. These tasting boxes allow you to taste wines offered in the futures at home, with friends, and out of your favorite wine glasses. A simple taste from the barrel is fun, however the tasting boxes allow you a chance to really taste and think about each wine without being rushed.


Our very limited production allows us the chance to make beautiful wines, however we don't make a lot of wine, and this makes the futures offering that much more important. Watch this site, and your Roanoke emails for complete information and launch dates!

The 2020 red futures wines are now available at the vineyard! Be sure to call to arrange a pick up time so you can avoid a wait (631.727.4161).

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