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There are several reasons to be a member of Roanoke Vineyards. You may be a person who just enjoys sitting on the vineyard lawn with a glass of rosé on weekdays during the summer. Or maybe your career has you so busy that when the quarterly portfolio boxes show up on the doorstep, it's a godsend! And it could be that you spend weekends on the East End, and shopping for wine at our Love Lane wine shop is super convenient. But the biggest perk of membership is access to our estate wine portfolio.

We make nine estate red wines exclusively for our members. This selection is undeniably our best work. Wines that are designed to age, wines grown without herbicides, wines that are not trendy, wines that score well against the rest of the world (read: 95 point Cabernet Sauvignons!); delicious wines that will enhance your holiday dinners, your celebrations, and even provide some solace on a bad day. 

Because the estate wines are produced in very small lots, they sometimes don't appear in the quarterly portfolios (sometimes there's just not enough). In that case we try to offer those wines in our futures program, in the vineyard tasting room, and in special member's promotions online. Note that the member's online wine shop offers estate wines, while the non-members online store does not.

We'd love to have you as a member, and you can download an application on this site. Making these wines is unabashedly wild fun! And it's all the more fun making them for you.



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The benchmark for quality. Here, Cabernet Sauvignon is blended with Merlot in almost equal amounts for a dynamic wine that possesses both power and elegance. The Merlot provides a plush and soft contrast to the Cabernet Sauvignon's cherry and black fruit structure.



Exclusively for wine club members!

2021 rosé.png

2021 Roanoke Vineyards Rosé 


This year's rosé will make you jump and shout! Five, count 'em, five varietals, including Sauvignon Blanc! Truly special, and just a bit unusual, but honestly delicious!



2018 cf.jpg

2019 Cabernet Franc


The 2019 Cab Franc is the best kept secret of the Roanoke portfolio. In 2019 this gem is all estate fruit, and as showy as some of its more buttoned down cousins. Drink it, age it, celebrate with it; it's really a stunning example of Cabernet Franc, and at a reasonable price.


2019 greater than copy.jpg

2019 >

Aptly named by one of our wine club members, this wine is greater than the sum of its parts. This is a North Fork blend of Cab Franc and Merlot that makes the most of a great vintage. The 2019 vintage is sold out, however the 2020 will burst on the scene soon!


infinite possibility.jpg

2020 Infinite Possibility

The quintessential summer wine, especially on Long Island where there are excellent oysters and pristine seafood is easy to come by. Chardonnay was blended with Sauvignon Blanc, making a white that adds intrigue to dinner or an evening on the beach. The crispness of the Sauvignon Blanc is softened by the Chardonnay, but there's still a vibrant acidity for balance. 


thumbSS rose 2019.jpg

2020 Roanoke Vineyards Site Specific Rosé

A beautiful Tavel-style rosé from our Sound Avenue vineyard. Equal amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot make this wine a true window into our vineyard. The wine has a lovely complexity, and a lingering finish of fresh strawberries and cherries right from the tree. If you have a bottle of this wine, save it for late summer 2022, or even 2023. With every passing day the flavors become more beautiful and harmonious.

This wine pairs with everything you admit to eating, and is a beautiful expression of clean, herbicide-free fruit, and the passion we put into the vineyard. 


2020 Marco Tulio_edited.jpg

2020 Marco Tulio

Marco Tulio is one of our members favorite wines, and each vintage captures the essence of the North Fork. Our 2020 vintage will be released soon, so be sure to watch this spot for news.


The Wild.jpg

2020 The Wild! Site Specific Chardonnay

It's back!!!!!
From the vineyard we planted in 1983 comes a fabulous wild-ferment Chardonnay like no other! Citrus and melon notes abound, but the game changes on the finish where this wine shows its stuff. Absolutely dry, and absolutely fun!

Now available to members at the vineyard, and at our wine shop on Love Lane in Mattituck, New York. Check out ur unique walk-up wine window!

While it lasts . . . 



2015 Striking Distance

A site specific™ Cabernet Sauvignon

If you have a bottle of this Cabernet Sauvignon, don't tell anyone! By all accounts this open-top vat-fermented wine is one of our strongest efforts over the last 18 years. The deep cherry and cedar seems bottomless, with the balance of an Olympic gymnast. Our only mistake with this wine was making just 70 cases. 


News from James Suckling: 95 points!

"A seriously elegant cabernet sauvignon that proves this grape is capable of greatness on Long Island, given the right vintage and an uncompromising commitment to quality. Stunning concentration and seamless balance through the very long, poised finish. Drink or hold."

Sold out! But watch for the release of the 2019 vintage.


2019 Rhyme and Meter.jpg

2019 Rhyme and Meter Chardonnay

A little time in oak helped deliver a balanced and graceful Chardonnay from Long Island's North Fork. Citrus notes harmonize with fresh melon to make a very food-friendly wine. This is the most complex Chardonnay we've made, and is just coming into its own.


Sauvignon Blance.jpg

2020 Roanoke Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc

The 2020 vintage is a blend of two vineyards where we found beautiful fruit last September. This wine shows more varietal characteristics than previous years, with plenty of acidity for Peconic Bay oysters. Lovely waves of melon are what you'll remember long after the bottle has given up its magic sip.



Site Specific™ is a registered trademark of Roanoke Vineyards. Our site specific wines come from a single vineyard with unique characteristics that express a sense of place in the wine.